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Wonderful to not have to worry about buying tickets. They were delivered to the hotel as promised and made our trip tip Paris really easy and enjoyable. reply:
Thank you very much for your review.
Product: Paris Metro Pass, Adult, 2 Days, 3 ZonesOrder Number: XX40400421Identified customer from Australia
This would be much better if it was six days, instead of five, to match the museum pass. reply:
True, but 6 days pass do not exist, so we're just cumulating 2 x 3 days to cover 6 days. Thank you for your feedback.
Product: Paris Metro Pass, Adult, 5 Days, 3 ZonesOrder Number: XX40700128Identified customer from Australia
Particularly handy on the hot Monday afternoon when the queues at the Louvre were horrendous, partly because it was the day the Musee d'Orsay was closed. reply:
And the opposite is true as well, Orsay is quite crowded on Tuesday when Le Louvre is closed. Thank you for your nice review.
Product: Paris Museum Pass, 6 DaysOrder Number: XX40700128Identified customer from Australia
We have already recommended Conciergerie to several friends. reply:
Oh, that's very nice of you, thank you very much Andrew!
Product: Paris ComboPass® Premium, 4 DaysOrder Number: XX40600431Identified customer from United States
This show is well worth going to see, we enjoyed it all and had a good laugh to. reply:
Great, thank you Richard.
Product: Moulin Rouge Feerie 9pm Show, AdultOrder Number: XX40600283Identified customer from Australia
A wonderful way to see all the sights of Paris. reply:
And also share a mean of transportation used by Parisians! Merci Nancy.
Product: Batobus Riverboat Hop On/Off, 1 Day, AdultOrder Number: XX40700281Identified customer from United States
The best art museum to visit in Paris!
Product: Orsay Museum TicketOrder Number: XX40600195Identified customer from South Africa
Excellent service from Conciergerie, thank you, but as for the trip itself, take note that during the July/August peak tourist season, the buses are very full and have no aircon. You might have to stand if the bus is very full. Due to traffic, movement can be slow, so there is no draft to cool you down. We had a 2-day ticket but didn't use it the 2nd day. reply:
I agree with you Michele, they try to put as much buses as possible in operation but some stops are really busy. I'm taking this opportunity to point that every ticket bought online is one less that the driver will have to take care of at stops!
Product: Paris L'OpenTour Hop On/Off Buses, 1 Day, AdultOrder Number: XX40600195Identified customer from South Africa
Passes were ready at our hotel when we arrived. Didn't get any skip-the-line access to Versailles or Notre Dame (although we did get in with the public) but worked great at Louvre and Orsay. Having the pass was nice as we had the flexibility to go to museums when we were nearby. We did the Louvre 1 hour before closing Wednesday (when they are open late) and it was a great time to go. I would recommend to friends for sure. reply:
Thank you for your useful review Laurie. You may have thought that there were no skip-the-line at Versailles but you were waiting in the security queue that can be long sometimes. As indicated online and documentation delivered, there is only queue for ticketing/security at Notre-Dame towers, you can't avoid it.
Product: Paris Museum Pass, 4 DaysOrder Number: XX40700188Identified customer from United States
I would recommend using . Very useful for the museums and buses. Handy map and bus table with it. It was delivered to the hotel ready for us to collect on our arrival. But doing your research as to when attractions are open is vital! reply:
Thank you very much for your nice feedback Janet. Yes, the included museum pass is listing opening details, very useful in the evening when doing plans for next day.
Product: Paris ComboPass® Premium, 2 DaysOrder Number: XX40400308Identified customer from United Kingdom
Very convenient. If you are on a spree, then this is the solution to reach the timeless monuments that Paris has in store. reply:
Thank you for your feedback.
Product: Paris Metro Pass, Adult, 2 Days, 5 ZonesOrder Number: XX40600425Identified customer from United Arab Emirates
Will recommend. reply:
Then please do! :-) Thank you David.
Product: Gourmet Dinner Cruise - Don Juan IIOrder Number: XX40500230Identified customer from United States
Everything happened as planned.
Product: Moulin Rouge Belle Epoque Dinner/Show with Pickup/ReturnOrder Number: XX31200232Identified customer from United States
What a great service! Ordered my tickets two days before arriving to our hotel in Paris and they were there upon check-in! Thanks for such great service! Also included with the tickets was a great map to navigate the city! reply:
Merci Judith! Although we're encouraging our customers to place orders online early enough, sometimes we can't do it when it's too late.
Product: Louvre Museum PassOrder Number: XX40700221Identified customer from United States
For only two days, you may be better off ordering tickets on line fot the specific attractions you're interested in. We ended up using the pass for entrance to Versaille and Notre Dame. We had planned to visit the Louvre or Musee D'Orsay but realized with only two days we were better off walking and covering more territory. A hop on hop off tour bus might have been better for us. We did use the delivery to hotel service and our passes were there when we arrived as promised. reply:
You are right Sandra. Taking full advantage of the 2 days museum pass is quite impossible because of lack of time. This is the reason why we're offering also Louvre/Orsay tickets only for sale. Thank you.
Product: Paris Museum Pass, 2 DaysOrder Number: XX40700146Identified customer from United States
It was good for the tourist which they came to the paris for the first time, since most of the beautiful place were near the stations and it was suitable to visit them. reply:
You're correct, anything around the river is accessible. Thank you.
Product: Batobus Riverboat Hop On/Off, 2 Days, AdultOrder Number: XX40700130Identified customer from Italy
The view was great and the food was absolutely fantastic. I did feel that the cruise could have been 30 minutes longer, only to have more time to really enjoy such a memorable and wonderful experience. reply:
Thank you for your feedback. In fact, the later dinner cruise starting at 08:30PM is longer but I understand that it's never enough when enjoying such a nice ride on the Seine river.
Product: Early Dinner Cruise Essentiel, (Window Seat)Order Number: XX40100048Identified customer from United States
Great service. The passes arrived at my home in a timely manner after purchasing. The passes were great accessing the museums and Versailles, bypassing the huge long lines. reply:
Thank you Linda. In your case, you were able to take advandages of the 2 days museum pass, great!
Product: Paris Museum Pass, 2 DaysOrder Number: XX40500288Identified customer from United States
Since we didn't know the area, it would of helped to indicate more to the location than just the base of the Eiffel Tower. It would of helped to indicated #5 to the right of the bridge and the boat company name. reply:
Thank you Elizabeth. We provided a map along with your voucher and company name and pier information are listed on the voucher.
Product: Paris Dinner Cruise Illuminations, EtoileOrder Number: XX40700103Identified customer from United States
We were able to use the pass for all but Eiffel Tower. Would be great to have this added to the pass. reply:
Ah John, if only this was possible, it would be included! But the Eiffel tower needs to control the flow of their visitors and it's therefore not possible. Thank you.
Product: Paris ComboPass® Premium, 4 DaysOrder Number: XX40600510Identified customer from United States

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